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Nowadays, the socks have become a very important piece of gentlemen’s outfits. Often a pair of socks brings a personal touch, cheers up the outfit and makes it special. Maybe when you think of socks, you don’t pay so much attention: “they are just a pair of socks, who cares”. Mister, the devil is in the details, trust me!

The first look is important; you need to look well all the time. Socks don’t need to be black, or worst – white all the time. Believe it or not, a pair of socks can destroy an outfit, especially when we are talking about a suit.

Please, leave apart the white sport socks with black lacquer shoes. It’s the worst combination ever.

Details in choosing the right socks

Length of socks

Be careful with the length, it isn’t very esthetic to still show a flash of skin when wearing a suit. The length of the socks should be taken into consideration when choosing what socks to wear for an outfit.

  • No show – As the name suggests, you will give the illusion of going sockless. You can wear this type of socks with loafers.
  • Liner, ped and quarter – it is advisable to wear them with trainers (sport shoes).
  • Mid-calf – Best worn with casual outfits.
  • Over the calf – “Dandy socks”, the best choice when you wear a suit. It will give you the confidence of not showing the flash under the trousers when you sit down.

The fabric of socks

  • Cotton: If you are wearing a casual outfit, choose cotton socks, such as the British model with squares, lines, or dots.
  • Wool: When you think of wool, your mind goes to winter. However, wool has the ability to keep the feet warm during the winter and cold in the summer. So don’t worry, you can wear them during every season. Usually you do not find socks with 100% wool blend; in order to add strength and durability, the wool is blended with other fibers.
  • Synthetics like nylon and polyester are the easiest to find. A strong characteristic for these fabrics is the durability, their durability is better than of other socks. The low point for this fabric is its inability to prevent skin perspiration.
  • Cashmere/Silk: If Queen Elizabeth invites you to have tea together, or you have a black-tie event, I recommend you to choose a luxury blend such as quality shoes, a fine wool suit and silk or cashmere socks.

 How to choose the right socks for your casual, business or black tie outfit:

Pick the right color socks for your suit

If you want to play safe, you can’t go wrong by choosing socks of the same color as the shoes or suit.

For a business outfit, try to avoid colorful socks. A pink or an orange sock can be a bit too much. However, if you have a personal style or if you have a creative job, feel free to break this rule.

Gray suit – white, blue, pink, ivory shirt – any color tie – black shoes – socks in tune with the tie.

Dark gray suit – white / light pink shirt – red and black tie – black shoes – black socks.

Blue suit – ivory/ white shirt – gray/ red tie- black / dark brown shoes – blue/ gray/bordo socks.

Dark-blue suit – white shirt –  white/ blue/ red tie – dark shoes – dark blue / bordo socks.

Dark green suit – ivory shirt – green/ red/ brown tie – brown shoes – brown socks.

Sandy costume – blue shirt – blue tie – brown-light shoes – blue socks.

Dark-brown suit – white/ beige/ pink shirt – green / brown / red tie – brown shoes – brown socks.

Black suit – white shirt – gray / silver / red / black tie – black shoes – gray / black socks.

PS: You are allowed to wear black trousers, black shoes and white socks only if you go to a Halloween party and you want to be Michael Jackson.

Wear happy and funny socks!


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