A sweater guide for gents

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During the winter months wearing sweaters becomes a necessity. First of all, a sweater will keep you warm but also it will add weight to a skinny physique and streamlines to a large figure.

I am sure you already have some sweaters in your wardrobe, try to mix them with shirt, t-shirt, jacket. If you want to show some style, add a tie or a bowtie.  Sweaters  are one of the best items of clothing that a man can own, so choose them wisely. Pick good quality fabrics like cashmere, the counterfeit sweaters are a poor investment, it’s better you wait for sales to buy them from reputable merchants.

Sweater style

Let’s be practical and let’s find some tried and tested outfits.

#Classic sweater

Sweater over a shirt is one of the best mixes for a smart casual look. Just remember that the collar of your shirt should remain tucked inside the sweater and not rest on the top. Also, if it is too cold add a suit jacket. It works very well with jeans and trousers. And the majority of men own this garmen in their wardrobe.

#V-neck sweater

As the name implies, the distinguishing feature is the “V” cut neckline. A perfect pair will be with a shirt; if you go for something stylish, add a tie or a bowtie. It is better to leave a V-neck sweater with a large cut for the ladies.

#Turtleneck sweater

It is still an excellent alternative to the traditional suit and tie. A dark colored, well-fitted quality turtleneck sweater paired with dark trousers will make almost any man look thiner, taller, and more stylish. It can be worn with a suit, with a sports jacket, denim jacket, leather jacket, or, if you choose a turtleneck from woollen material, simply by itself.

#Half-zip sweater

I don’t know how many of you tried to mix this type of sweater with a dress shirt and a tie, but the result is very stylish. This pairying will move the attention on your face. I see this garment worn with t-shirt which does not work, but if you want to wear it at the office, add an elegant touch.

#Crew neck sweater

The temperature is very low, so blend a wool crew neck sweater  with a tweed shirt or just a t-shirt and you will achieve a beautiful casual look.

#Cardigan sweater

One of the most versatile items from a man’s wardrobe – the cardigan. It is a perfect choice if you want to replace a suit jacket and still look elegant. Pair it with a shirt for an office outfit or with a t-shirt for a casual look.

In conclusion, a sweater has a practical use by keeping you warm and a stilish one by changing the monotonous wearing of dress shirts and trousers to the office.

And about the „lovely” sweater vest – leave it for your grandfather 🙂


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