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Being a big Friends fan, I remember one very funny moment when Joey tinkered with the layering concept and he absolutely took it to the extreme :))

When autumn is officially gone and winter is knocking at the door, we need to add some layers.  This is a good way to not say goodbye to our favorite summer wear, as we integrate them in winter outfits.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you know something about layering from your mother when you were a little girl. Mothers always love to add a t-shirt, a shirt and a sweater, so you know the basis, but now let’s make it fashionable.

When it is freezing outside we need to wear cozier clothes, but let’s do it in a stylish way. The idea is not to look old-fashion, or like a grizzly bear wearing all  your clothes

The good thing about layering is that you can incorporate your favorite summer clothes in a warm outfit, suitable for winter season.

6 ideas for looking cool and staying warm

#1 Turtleneck under a boyfriend shirt.

If you have in mind to steal you boyfrind shirt, be careful what size he wears. The shirt should be one/two size bigger then your actualy size. The high neck is very cozy and gives you an artsy look. A turtleneck is a great piece to use for layering under jacket, dress.

To add a femine touch to a mix between a turleneckand a masculine shirt pair it with a pencil skirt or skinny pants.

#2 Sweater and shirt


Sweater area winter wardrobe staple. Make it more interesting by layering it over a shirt and letting the bottom of the sleeves and the collar peek out. To don’t fell too dressed, go for a slimmer sihouette on the bottom, for exampler a skinny jeans.

#3 T-shirt and sweater

If the wearther is don’t so chilly and you will fell too dressed with a shirt and sweater try another option. A sweater and pull out the bottom of a t-shirt. This is a way to wear your summer t-shirts and make them useful in the winter.


#4 Because two coats are better than one

For damn cold days get a denim jacket and a coat. If you want a polish look wear just the coat and over the coat a blanket scarf. This is a good trick for really cold days, about also you can stay warm and look good.

#5 Belt a scarf

Accessories can be a perfect solution for warming you and they look very stylish. Because a layering winter look isn’t complete without a scarf, pick a large one and cinching your waist with a belt. Go for brightly colores or interesting desing scarf to cheer up your outfit.

#6 Layering a dress

It isn’t time to say good bye to dresses. You can wear some of wear summer dress even it is winter. All you need to do is layering them and you can find really cute solution to make them work in every season.

A dress could be more winter friendly if you wear it over a shirt and turtleneck. To stay even more cozy add a pair of skinny pants.

A chic solution that can be wear even for a party is to wear a velvet dress having spaghetti (thin) straps with a lurex turtelneck. To add more glam touch choose a sequinned top.


Let’s fool this chilly weather and don’t us fall in a style rut when we start dressing boring. Let’s embrace the art of layering and looking good!

Be confident to try out the above suggestions!


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