About me


My name is Dana and I have started this “adventure” because I like the way clothes talk about us. I love to laugh, make jokes, play with my super niece, travel, dress to impress and study the way people dress.

It took some time to have the courage to start writing about what I love the most. I will try to do my best and give you chic advice on how to pair your clothes with accessories, and, after you have read my articles, you understand something and if I make you smile, you will make my day.

I love reading books, magazines, blogs or watching TV shows about fashion. When I was a little girl, I used to cut out my favorite outfits from the magazines and stick them in a portfolio. After I finished high school, I decided to study Marketing “to have a real job”, but my first love (sorry baby) remained fashion. So I decided to learn more about my passion.  I studied fashion design, pattern design and fashion stylist to better understand clothes, the way they are made and, also, to make clothes for myself.

Why is the way we dress so important?

Because the first thing we notice is clothes and after we pass this barrier and we start to have a conversation, we begin to see other things in the people in front of us. The best example is when we have a job interview. The HR person is also “judging” us on the way we are dressed.

I hope you will feel inspired regarding the way you dress. And, remember, always feel good in what you are dressed, look in the mirror before you go out  and if you like what you see, go and conquer the world.

And don’t forget: