Author: dana_mirica

Nowadays, the socks have become a very important piece of gentlemen’s outfits. Often a pair of socks brings a personal touch, cheers up the outfit and makes it special. Maybe when you think of socks, you don’t pay so much attention: “they are just a pair of socks, who cares”. Mister, the devil is in […]

During the winter months wearing sweaters becomes a necessity. First of all, a sweater will keep you warm but also it will add weight to a skinny physique and streamlines to a large figure. I am sure you already have some sweaters in your wardrobe, try to mix them with shirt, t-shirt, jacket. If you want […]

Being a big Friends fan, I remember one very funny moment when Joey tinkered with the layering concept and he absolutely took it to the extreme :)) When autumn is officially gone and winter is knocking at the door, we need to add some layers.  This is a good way to not say goodbye to […]